User Roles: Employee - Administrator

In this article we will go over the User Role of an Employee - Administrator.  We will go over what a System Admin's Capabilities and Limitations are as well as the Responsibilities and Liabilities of a System Admin within a Company's portal. 

Employee - Administrator (System Admin) - Capabilities

A System Admin User has access to all Tabs, Options and Features that are turned on for the company's portal, with the exception of editing other Employee - Administrators - System Admins.

System Admin Users can request from Silvertrac that specific optional Features be turned on or off. 

System Admin Users are the only account Users that can Approve, or Deactivate devices within the Device Maintenance license count within the portal. 

System Admin Users can Lock a Property so that Users with lower access cannot make edits or changes. 

Only System Admin Users can send a confirm-able email to their company's Silvertrac Customer Success Manager or Tech Support to Authorize the addition of additional System Admins

Employee - Administrator (System Admin) - Limitations 

For all data safety and protection within your company's portal, no account User, including a System Administrator, has the ability to delete any system data, at anytime once it has been added, and any data is attached.

System Admin Users cannot change or edit another System Admin User's profile or Password.

Employee - Administrator (System Admin) - Responsibilities and Liabilities

System Administrator(s) are solely responsible to ensure that all data added to the company portal is correct and accurate before saving any set up, changes or edits.  This includes verbal and written authorization to Customer Success Managers and Tech Support.  

System Administrator(s) are solely responsible to utilize due diligence when introducing new data to the company's portal as well as whom they authorize as an additional System Administrators.

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