User Roles: Employee - Dispatcher

The Security Dispatch user role can access all properties. This user cannot access User Accounts, Add new properties, view GPS Map or Add / Edit Management Companies.

Issue Monitor

This user can view created issues internally, view pictures, play audio files, attach notes or documents, email issues, print issues, assign and reassign an issues to a handheld user and view GPS location of the specific issue (only when authorized by System Administrator under Edit User area).


This user can view appeals related to parking issues with fees or warnings submitted via online web users.

New Actions

This user can view assign New Security, Maintenance or Parking issues to system users and field users.

View/Edit Invoices 

This user can view and edit invoices related to online paid parking permits and parking fines.

Edit Property

This user can view and access the Edit Property details such as, issue types, locations and additional addresses associated to an existing property.


· Issue Summary

· New Issue Time Slice

· Daily Activity Report (DAR)

· Permit Orders

· Active Permits

· Maintenance Summary

· Parking Map

· Excel Export Reports

· User Shift Report

Accessible Custom Excel Export Reports

· Issue History (Security, Maintenance and Parking)

· Login History of Customers

· Login History of Employees

· Permit Information

· Properties By Management Company

· Registered Phone List (List of Current Registered Devices in System)

· User Report

· Vehicles with Outstanding Violations

· Vehicle with Violations

· Violation Income Report

Passwords and Notifications

This user can change their own password and Edit Notifications for all Customer/Employee user accounts for Security, Maintenance and Parking issues.

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