User Roles: Employee - Supervisor

In this article we will go over what an Employee - Supervisor User has access to in the portal in comparison to the access of a System Admin with the goal of determining the best User Role choice. 

Silvertrac maintains strict data safety and security protocols in granting System Admin access.  Therefore only the portal owner or an existing System Admin can request that an Employee - Supervisor or Employee - Dispatcher be made an additional System Admin.

System Admin Access Only

The main differences in portal access between the User Role of a Supervisor and a System Admin, come down to 5 ultimate permissions:

  1. Only a System Admin can Approve or Deactivate a Device as this directly affects the amount of licenses used and billed for.

  2. Only a System Admin can Lock a Property so that it cannot be edited.

  3. Only a System Admin can request from Silvertrac that specific optional Features be turned on or off. 

  4. Only a System Admin can send a confirm-able email to their company's Silvertrac Customer Success Manager or Tech Support to authorize the addition of additional System Admins

  5. Only a System Admin has access to ALL Tabs, Options and Features that are turned on for the company's portal - primarily System Config settings.

Supervisor Access Limitations

A Supervisor can view all Properties.  A Supervisor can view edit and all User accounts up to: Employee - Dispatcher.  A Supervisor CANNOT edit or modify a System Admin User account profile.

NOTE: An Employee - Supervisor can be limited to specific Property access by the System Administrator in the Edit User area under the User Group field.

Supervisor Access by Tab Drop Down

Issue Monitor: View created Issue, Photos, play Audio files, attach Notes or Documents, email Issues, print an Issue, assign and reassign an Issue to a User.

View Appeals: View Appeals related to Parking Issues with fees or warnings submitted via online web users.

New Action: Assign new Security, Maintenance or Parking Issues to system Users and field Users.

GPS Map: View a GPS Map of specific Users as Issues were created by Location and date.  View GPS Location within a specific Issue and access the GPS Map area in the system menu bar, when authorized by a System Administrator under Edit User area.

View/Edit Invoices: View and Edit invoices related to online paid Parking permits and Parking fines.

Assign/Print Permits: Assign online order permits to batch of sticker permits and print permit mailers.

Add New Property: Add New Properties into the system.

Edit Property: Access and Edit Property details such as, Issue Types, Locations and additional Addresses associated to an existing Property.

Edit Parking Rules: Edit Parking rule templates previously added for each Property.

Edit Appeal Templates: Edit appeal an template(s) for online response to Parking appeals submitted by web users.

Edit Group Membership: Edit or add any Users below Dispatch level to a Custom Group Membership to limit access or requested amount of Properties.

Accessible Reports for the Employee Supervisor:
· Issue Summary
· 12 Month Income
· New Issue Time Slice
· Daily Activity Report (DAR)
· Permit Orders and Active Permits
· Maintenance Summary
· Parking Map
· Excel Export Reports
· User Shift Report
· Security Summary

Accessible Custom Excel Export Reports:
· Issue History (Security, Maintenance and Parking)
· Login History of Customers
· Login History of Employees
· Permit Information
· Properties By Management Company
· Registered Phone List (List of Current Registered Devices in System)
· User Report
· Vehicles with Outstanding Violations
· Vehicle with Violations
· Violation Income Report

Adding a New User: Can create New Customer User accounts and Employee User accounts up to Dispatcher only.

Edit User: Can access and edit Customer User accounts and Employee User accounts up to Dispatcher.

Passwords: Can change own Password and change Passwords for Edit Notifications and Customer and Employee User account notifications for Security, Maintenance and Parking related Issues.

Handheld Maintenance: View system registered handheld Devices in the Device Maintenance area.

Add New & Edit a Management Company: Ability to add a New Management Company or edit an existing Management Company.

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