User Role: Admin Request

A system Administrator has full access over the entire site and therefore the User Role is typically limited to Upper Management and Ownership.

Before requesting an employee be made a System Admin it is wise to note that there are additional User Roles that offer many of the same feature access that an Admin possesses without forfeiting complete access.

Please review:  Supervisor and Dispatcher

Utilizing the above mentioned User Roles can help ownership delegate important day to day operations to additional users within the system with broad but limited access. 

What Can an Admin do that a Supervisor Can't?

There are 4 basic things a System Admin can do that a Supervisor doesn't have access to:

  1. Advanced Parking Set up

  2. Locking and Unlocking a Property

  3. Approving and Removing Devices

  4. Approving Additional Admins

How to Request an Additional Admin

If the determination is made that Ownership wants to grant additional User Admin rights please follow the following procedures:

  1. The User requested to be made an Admin must already be set up in the system as a Supervisor or a Dispatcher.

  2. The request must be made in writing with the verifiable email address of an existing Company Admin or a current Company Owner to 

(For example: a Supervisor cannot request that they be made an Admin without express written consent by an existing admin or the Company owner.)

Silvertrac makes every effort to accommodate and expedite all Admin requests.   A support ticket will be created and verification will be sent through it. 

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