Can a Closed Issue be Reopened?

In this article, we will go over why an Issue cannot be reopened, what can be done with a Closed Issue since it cannot be reopened, why a User would want to reopen a closed Issue, and some alternative solutions and by whom.

Why Won't Silvertrac Allow Closed Issues to be Reopened?

Issues submitted in Silvertrac become part of the permanent record (Silvertrac archives all data created and collected by each user), and our Real-Time Reporting Software keeps an unalterable version of all Issues submitted, which conforms to all Mandatory State Statues of Limitations as such, and also conforms to specific known requirements for Homeland Security and DOD contracts.  

In cases of subpoena and litigation, this mitigates certain liabilities and protects you, the Security Provider.

Can an Officer Reopen a Closed Issue?

No.  Once an Officer submits an Issue, either as Auto Closed or manually selects Close Issue, as in the case of a Task or Dispatched Issue, the Issue is removed from the Silvertrac App, and it clears the mid-display of open Issues.  The closed Issue can no longer be accessed or reopened in the Silvertrac App by a User to add anything more to it..

Can a System Admin or Supervisor Reopen a Closed Issue?

The Issue cannot be reopened in the Issue Monitor by a System Admin, Supervisor, or Dispatcher for the Officer to then add additional pictures, audio, and notes on the Silvertrac App.  Once an Issue has been closed in the Silvertrac App it is no longer accessible on the handheld device. 

Why a User May Want to Reopen a Closed Issue - Alternative Solutions

Scenario 1: An Officer submitted the wrong Issue Type 

Alternative 1:  A System Admin or Supervisor can change the Issue Type to the correct one:

Scenario 2: The Issue was submitted as closed then additional Notes, Photos, and /or Audio Files needed to be added to the Issue. 

Alternative 2A: The Officer can submit a second Issue and then add the additional Notes, Photos, and/or Audio Files to that Issue.

Alternative 2B: A System Admin or Supervisor can add Notes, Photos, Audio Files, and Video Files from a secondary source outside of the Silvertrac App:

Scenario 3:  In the heat of the moment, the Officer created a derogatory or liable statement that they want to delete or change.

Alternative 3:  A System Admin or Supervisor can Edit the note before the DAR is set for Automated delivery or manually run. 



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