FAQ: What Data Safety and Security Measures Does Silvertrac have in place?

For data safety and security purposes Silvertrac does not share our encryption methods or any specific server information.

We can disclose, however, that our servers are maintained in Eastern Washington of the United States because it is certified as a location least likely to be physically affected by natural disasters such as hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, tornado, fire, flood, or earthquakes. 

Silvertrac's Data Facility

32,500 sq ft of data center space
SSAE 16 SOC1 & SOC2, Type II
24-inch raised floors
300 lbs/sq ft floor leads
24x7x365 onsite personnel
Biometric access
Physical ID check
Full CCTV surveillance back by digital recording on file for 90+ days
Multiple layers of security authentication; including card key, PIN 7 biometric required for facility entrance. 


Can you please explain if the data is encrypted at rest?  Is the data encrypted in transit?

Data is not encrypted at rest. However, access to the data requires authentication, and is in an isolated network. No unauthorized user is able to access data in the database.

Do you only have one data center?  No redundancy? 

Silvertrac currently has one data center, however the data center is quite redundant.   www.Tierpoint.com

Is it LDAP aware or is it going to be a hardcoded password?  

The system uses individual passwords in a custom access system.

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