Can I Pull a Report that Shows all the Occurrences of a Named Individual in the Issue Notes?

In this article, we will go over some scenarios that some Security Companies had when they needed to be able to reference Issue Notes created by Officers and find a specific repeat offender.  

We also review how to use a Silvertrac Report to Data Sort by a specific Name or Word.


Scenario #1

An inner-city commercial property has a problem with homeless and transients loitering, causing a disturbance, public use of drugs and alcohol, and other illegal activity.

The Security Company works with local authorities and reports the issues, including notes with the individual's name.

The Facility Manager requests a report of all the times "John Doe #1" was reported for any violations at that Property.

Scenario #2

An HOA has a problem with unauthorized people with no keys using the community pool, spa, rec room, and other facilities. Some have been noted and reported as hopping the fence or previously being identified as a nonresident.

The Security Company creates a Security Issue based on the claimed resident the individual(s) claims to be a Guest of and includes their name in the Notes along with any substantiating Photos.

The HOA Board asks for a list of all the nonresident activity to identify specific repeat offenders to pursue Trespassing charges.

Scenario #3

A high-density residential community (Apartment) needs help with Sub-leasers.  

When reporting resident Security Issues by Unit, such as noise complaints, the Security Officers include the name of the person they spoke with in the Issue Notes

The Property Manager needs a report to give the Regional Manager that cross-references the current rent roll with the names of repeat offenders by Unit to write up a cure or quit notice.

Use the Excel Issue History Report to Data Sort by a specific Name or Word.

To run an Issue History Report, hover over the Reporting tab, select All Reports choose Property Reports, click on Issue History.

Step 1. Choose the Date Range - Start Date and End Date

Step 2. Choose the Property

Step 3. Refine your search parameters in the Report Options as best you can. For example, if you are looking for a Security Issue, ensure Parking and Maintenance are NOT selected. Un-select Checkpoints and Tasks and select Include Issue Notes.

Step 4. Run Report.

The report will run as an Excel Spreadsheet. 

Click on any cell and select CTRL + F

This will open the Find and Replace popup option:

Type in the Name or word you want to search for in the Find tab the select Find All:

You can now view all the occurrences of that Name or word. Column A of the spreadsheet will contain the Issue ID for reference on your Issue Monitor. 


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