How to Add a New Property

In this article, we will go over the basics of how to Add a New Property and how to Add a New Property by Copying Settings from an existing Property.


How to Add a New Property

To begin, go to The Properties tab Property Maintenance Add New Property

Step 1. Fill out the Property Name.

Step 2. Assign the property to a Management Company by selecting from the Choose drop-down of all your previously added Management Companies. 

Step 3. Enter Property Notes/Post Orders. (Optional) 

Step 4. Click Add Property and Property Successfully Added

Once a Property is successfully saved, you must add a minimum of three things to have the Property go "Live" and be able to have an officer report on it.

Step 5. Click on the Newly Added Property to access the options drop-down menu:

As seen in the screenshot above:

  1. Click the Addresses/Units drop-down option and Add an Address(es) 

  2. Click on the Issue Types drop-down option and Add Issue Types

  3. Click on the Locations drop-down option and Add Locations (if you do not add locations, your locations will be "Default").

How to Copy Settings From an Existing Property (Optional)

NOTE: If this is the first property you are adding, you won't be able to use this option.

To begin, go to the Properties tab Property Maintenance Add New Property

TIP: This saves a lot of time when adding multiple accounts with a similar scope of service.

Step 1. Select a property to copy from by clicking the Choose drop-down.

Step 2. Check the box for the specific options you wish to copy, such as Issue Types, Locations, Phone Numbers, or Group assignments from an existing property.

Step 3. Click the blue  "Add Property" at the bottom of the Add New Property box. 

If you have further questions about adding or copying a New Property, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or contact Tech Support at or 888-505-8722 ext 4. 


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