How to Lock a Property - System Administrators Only

In this article we will go over how the Property Lock Feature works, when it should be used, and what can still be accessed, and by whom, on a Locked Property.

How does the Property Lock Feature work? 

NOTE: ONLY an System Admin can Lock and Unlock a Property

Locking a Property allows a System Administrator to make sure a specific Property cannot be edited by any employee Users, including Supervisors and Dispatchers.

To Lock a Property click the Padlock Icon located in the Edit Properties of a that Property:

When the Padlock Icon is clicked an Alert Message will pop up:

After a System Admin clicks OK, the property is Locked and Supervisors and Dispatchers are limited to the following areas on a Locked Property:

  • Addresses/Units

  • Attached Documents

  • Phone Numbers

When should the Lock Feature be used? 

System Administrators may add a New Property or edit an existing Property, and then find out later that a Supervisor or Dispatcher logged in and reversed the set up or made unauthorized changes.

The "Property Lock" feature helps to prevent such unauthorized use.

This feature is most commonly used in larger companies with many 

 and Dispatchers

Why do some Users still have access to Addresses, Documents and Phone Numbers when a Property is Locked?

Silvertrac is designed to assist Supervisor and Dispatch Users to take calls from residents, tenants and field Users which may require address verification.

Although the Addresses, Documents and Phone Numbers area is accessible to users when a Property is Locked you will notice there are no available options to "Save" any changes. 

Addresses, Documents and Phone Numbers are read-only for Supervisors and Dispatchers while the property is locked. 

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