How to Add Phone Numbers and/or Create a Global Phone List

In this article we will go over how to add Phone Numbers that an Officer can access through the Silvertrac App for an Individual Property or for your Global Phone List.

Add a Telephone Number(s) to an Individual Property 

Properties tab >> Property Maintenance >> Select a Property >> Phone Numbers 

In the Property Phone Numbers pop-up box Click the blue +

Once you click Save, click the Confirm button and you will receive a Alert that the Phone Number(s) was Saved Successfully.

Create a Global Phone Numbers List 

NOTE: As used in Silvertrac the term "Global Phone Number" refers to a Phone Number you want all of the application Users to be able to access on all of your active registered and licensed Devices.

Hover over the System tab >> Device Maintenance

Click the blue Add Number button:

 Add the Phone Number and a Phone Number Description and click the blue Add button.  

A pop up Alert will tell you that the Number has been Successfully Added

The newly added Global Phone Number will now appear in the Choose drop down menu by Phone Number Description in alphabetical order under the Global Phone Numbers List heading.

You can click on an individual Phone Number Description and Edit it or Delete it if necessary. 

What an Application User sees when Accessing the "Make Call" Option

When the Silvertrac Application user clicks the "Make Call" icon they will first see any Phone Number Descriptions listed for that individual Property listed in alphabetical order with a (P) -prefix indicating that Phone Number is for that specific Property.

They will then see any Phone Number Descriptions from the Global Phone Numbers List thereafter listed in Alphabetical order.

An App User can also quickly find Phone Number Descriptions by using the "Search" option with longer lists:

If you have any further questions about Adding a Phone Number(s) to an individual Property or to the Global Phone Numbers List please contact your Customer Success Manager or email or call Tech Support at or 888-505-8722 ext 4. 

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