How to Add a New User

In this article we will go over how to add a New User, make sure they are assigned the correct User Role, and verify they are set up with the correct User Group.

NOTE:  We recommend that you create unique Users based on individuals and not by site or Property even if only one device will be used to report at that site or Property. The cost of the software is based on the number of device licenses and not the number of Users.  You can add as many unique Users as you like. 

How to Add a New User

To add a new user, hover over the Users tab >> Add New User

1. Enter the new user’s First Name

2. Enter the new user's Last Name 

3. (Optional) Add the new user's Email Address.  Verify the email address is correct.  A User’s email address is vital to receiving set issue Notifications and changes made to passwords.

4. Create a User Name for the user. The User Name can be a combination of letters and numbers but there is a limit of 12 characters that a User Name can be created as. DO NOT use any symbols, with the exception of a period.

NOTE: the User Name needs to be unique.  If you get an error like the one shown below, it means that another User - across the entire Silvertrac database - is using that User Name

 It does not mean that the User Name is already set up in your portal. 

5. Create a Password for the user.  Passwords MUST be a minimum of 6 characters in length.

NOTE: DO NOT use any symbols such as $ @ # - ! and . are OK.

6. Password Confirm - re-enter the Password exactly as created in the box above.

7. Select a User Role that applies to the type of access you would like to have for the new User

NOTE: You can edit an employee User Role within the Employee User Role selections, and you can edit a Customer User Role within the Customer User Role selections.  You cannot however, edit an Employee User Role into a Customer User Role or a  Customer User Role into an Employee User Role.

Assigning the Correct User Role

 If you need assistance on choosing the correct User Role, click the link to the Understanding User Roles page of the Resource Center at 

8. Click Add New User.  
You will then see a pop up Alert Message (as seen below)  Click OK.

Setting Up the Correct User Group

9. Select a User Group.  (See screen shot below)

The User Group is the group of properties this User will be allowed to see when they login to both the web portal and/or the handheld device.  

Make sure that the User Group assignment includes all of the properties you want this User to report and/or review issues.

The User Group drop down will include the following options to choose from:

  1. All Properties

  2. Any optional custom Routes created

  3. Any optional custom Groups created

  4. All - Property Management companies

  5. Single - Individual Properties

To learn more on creating a Custom Group click here.

10. Review and select the "Allow" options on the right third of the screen. 

These Allow options control what type of issues the User you are setting up is allowed to create and receive. 

NOTE: In the screenshot example above, the officer can create and receive dispatched Security, Parking and Maintenance issues and tasks.  

Since a guard does not have access to log onto the Issue Monitor they would not have the Allow User to view GPS Data or Allow Emails boxes checked.

11.  Click Save User Details.

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