How Can I Delete a User?

In this article, we will go over why a User cannot be deleted from your portal once that User has reported any data, the Active / Inactive User option to block access by a terminated or employee that quits, and how to re-activate an Inactive User.

Why a User Cannot be Deleted

When an Employee User is terminated or quits, a typical first reaction is to ensure they can no longer access the Silvertrac App and/or your portal and Issue Monitor by permanently deleting them from the system.

There is no "Delete" option to remove a User from the system because once that User has collected data, it becomes part of the permanent record that must conform to State-mandated Statues of Limitations.  Additionally, all data created and collected by each User is saved in a digital archive in the Silvertrac Servers to comply. 

All data collected into the Issue Monitor by each User needs to be able to be accessed through various Reports (in some cases even years later!).

All collected data is attached explicitly to the User that created it and can be very helpful in litigation cases. 

The Active / Inactive User Option - How to Block Access by a Terminated or Employee that Quits 

To block access by a terminated employee or one that quits, un-check the Active User box.  Un-checking the Active User box will deactivate a User and no longer allow the assigned User Name and Password to access your site or the handheld Silvertrac App.

To access the Active User box, hover over the User tab, Click Edit User, select Choose User,  Click on the User, then click Select User, un-check the Active User box, and Click on Save User Details.

Can an Inactive User be Made Active Again?

Yes.  To Activate an Inactive User, hover over the User tab, select Choose User, make sure the "Inactive" box is checked, then click on the Inactive User and then click Select User and check the Active User box and click on Save User Details.  

The assigned User Name and Password will now be allowed to access your site or the handheld Silvertrac App, depending on the access granted.


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