Editing a User Profile

In this article we will go over how to edit and manage a user profile.

NOTE: An Admin profiles can ONLY be managed by the individual admin and not by another system Admins.

The Edit User area is one of most important areas for Administrators and Supervisor account users, since this area is responsible for setting the correct user access for each user in their system.

To edit a user, hover over the Users tab and select Edit User. 

Instructions and Definitions of each field in the Edit User Details section:

  1. User Name: Displays the username created by the system Administrator or Supervisor.

  2. Last Log in Date: Displays the exact date and time user accessed the system.

  3. Management Company: Displays the Management Company a “Customer” user is a assigned to.

    NOTE: The 3 category fields listed above are shaded in darker gray, indicating they CANNOT be edited.

  4. First Name: Displays account holders first name.

  5. Last Name: Displays account holders last name.

  6. Email Address: Displays email associated to accountholder.

  7. Maintenance Email: Allows you to add a separate email for maintenance issues. 

  8. Time Card ID: Used to correlate a username in Silvertrac with an ID number in an external payroll system for use with Silvertrac's time card feature. 

  9. User Group: The user group is the group of properties this user will be allowed to see when they login to both the web portal and the handheld device. Make sure that the user group assignment includes all of the properties you want this user to report and/or review issues.

  10. User Role: The user role determines the permission level with the system. The setting in the section will effect the users ability to report issues, review issues, and create properties. 

  11. Address: This is the users address information. 

  12. Phone Number: This is the users phone number and/or cell phone number. 

  13. Active User: Unchecking this box will deactivate a user and no longer allow the assigned username and password to access your SilverTrac site, through the handheld or the web portal.

  14. User Picture: This option allows you to add a picture of the user. If there is a picture added here it will be displayed on the user shift report. 

  15. Issue Assignments: These options control what type of issues users are allowed to create and receive.

  16. GPS Data: This last option determines whether or not this user will have access to view the GPS data.

How to Delete a User

By design, Silvertrac does not allow users to be deleted. All issues created by and associated with a user become part of the permanent record and are available on demand at any time.

However, you are able to deactivate a user and remove their ability to access your account. 

To do this deactivate a user, review item number 13 above and uncheck the Active User box. 

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