How to Setup SMS Text Message Notifications

Ever wish you could receive text alerts rather than (or in addition to) the email alerts you're already receiving from Silvertrac? Now you can.

Although this isn't a result of a new release on our end, we recently discovered a way to use some preexisting technology to make this happen.

What You'll Need

  1. Your 10 digit cell phone number

  2. The name of your cellular carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)

  3. An additional username (only if you wish to receive both email and text notifications)

The Setup

1) This first step is only applicable if you would like to receive both text and email. Create an additional username and password. For example, if your regular username is jpage, create a new one called jpagetext. Then go under 'Edit Notifications' and copy the notifications from your original username.

2) Under the edit user area, select the username you'd like to receive text messages to. In the email field you'll enter one of the following email addresses depending on your cell phone carrier.

  • Verizon: 'your ten digit number'

  • AT&T: 'your ten digit number' 

  • T-Mobile: 'your ten digit number'

  • Virgin Mobile: 'your ten digit number'

  • Cingular: 'your ten digit number'

  • Sprint: 'your ten digit number'

  • Nextel: 'your ten digit number'

NOTE: Be sure to only enter the 10 digits of your phone number without dashes or symbols. For example:

3) Save your user details. When an issue is reported you will receive a notification similar to the ones below. 

 Please Note: in order to review the issue, you will still need to login to the issue monitor.

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