How to use Silvertrac be Notified with an Alert when an Officer is Late to a Post

In this article we will share how some Silvertrac Users have used the Task and Auto Notifications features to create email or text Alerts for Supervisors and Dispatchers when an Officer is late to a post.

Step 1: Add a Task

When creating a Task Name you'll want it to reflect something that indicates that the Officer has arrived on site.  

Some examples might be: Officer Arrived, Officer On Duty, Officer Reporting for Shift, etc... 

NOTE: It is important to remember that all tasks must be created using an issue type. This can be done by either creating a new issue type or using an existing one. 

When selecting a Task time remember that this is the time the Task will be automatically sent to the property/handheld.  In the case of setting up a Task as an Alert if an officer is late to a post 

Make sure to select the Alert if Left Open field. This allows specific Users to be alerted when a Task is overdue. In this example the alert is set to 1 hour.  If the Officer fails to log in and acknowledge the task waiting in the handheld device by 8:10 am, your Supervisor(s) or Dispatch will be notified that the Officer failed to respond to the Task and is late to their post.

Step 2: Edit Notifications - Select Overdue Tasks

 Hover over the Users tab, click Edit Notifications, then select the Admin, Supervisor or Dispatcher whom you would like to receive the Alerts.

At the bottom of the screen there is a check box labeled Overdue Tasks as pictured below. Make sure the box is checked and click Save Notifications

NOTE: Users that have this box checked under their Notification settings will receive overdue Task Alerts only for Tasks that are selected to send Alerts as set by the System Administrator.  This feature is best used for Supervisor/Managerial User Roles. 

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