How to Set Up Performance Alerts

In this article we will go over what the performance alert feature is, how to set up the Alerts Feature and how to be notified if an Officer fails to met the minimum hourly reporting requirements. 

What is the Performance Alerts Feature?

The performance Alerts feature is way for the management and supervision team to create a baseline minimum of issues that an officer must create, per hour, to prevent periods of inactivity and to quickly recognize under performing officers.

When an officer fails to submit the minimum number of specified issues in a specific hour, designated personnel will be emailed or texted an alert notifying them of the under-performance so that the underlining problem can be resolved.  

Some example problem scenarios might include:

Officer no shows, officer asleep or off site for an extended period, risky situations with lone workers and possible man-down scenarios.

How to Set Up a Performance Alert

To set up the Alerts feature go to Properties >> Property Maintenance >> Select a Property >> click on Alerts 

To complete the Alert set up, click Save. 

How to be Notified When an Alert is Triggered 

Hover over the Users Tab >> Edit Notifications >> Choose User >> Select the User you wish to receive the Alert  >> Check the box Property Issues per hour fall below threshold 

Once you have checked that box (pictured above) you can click Save Notifications.

NOTE: Make sure the user you select has an email or text set up in their user profile.

The Performance Alerts Feature enables you to receive real-time alerts when the required number of issues fall below the pre-determined threshold at a specific property.

For example: if an officer fails to report 5 issues per hour throughout the shift, from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am, you can (or you can set your supervisors up to) receive a real time alert.

This feature will help you be sure that reports are being generated regularly. It will also help you know when an officer has stopped reporting, which may mean the officer has left the post or has become inactive.

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