Responding to a Task Assignment with an Android device

In this Article we will go over what a Task is, how you are Assigned a Task, how to Acknowledge a Task, how to mark yourself as Arrived, and how to Complete and Close a Task.

A Task is duty assigned by the System Admin, Supervisor or Dispatcher.  A Task can be a reoccurring duty as part of the post orders, such as lock-ups at specific times, or can be created as a New Action when an incident is reported such as a noise disturbance or alarm response. 

Being Assigned a Task - How to Acknowledge a Task Assignment

However a Task is created by the System Admin, Supervisor or Dispatcher it will show up on the handheld the same way.

When logged onto a specific property Task assignments banners will appear in the Mid-Display of the home screen:

Tap the Task to Acknowledge, then click OK:

How to Mark Yourself as Arrived

You must then go to the location of the Task assigned and click the Mark Arrived icon and then confirm:

How to Complete a Task - Reporting Options

Once Acknowledged and Arrived you can now Record Audio files, Take Photo(s) and Add Note(s) just as you would any other issue type.  You also have the optional feature to Set Problem Unit:

The option to  Set Problem Unit allows you clarify a specific issue that may have been reported in error.  For example:  You are sent to respond to a noise complaint at unit 101 but the disturbance is actually unit 102 across the hall. 

How to Close a Task

Once any needed Audio files, Photos, Notes and Problem Unit is added/verified swipe right and Close the Task and then conform:



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