View property notes and create pass-down notes on an Android device

In this article we will go over how to review a Property's Notes or Post Orders, BOLOs (Be On the Look Out) and how to send Pass-down Notes to the next officer.

Your Company's System Admin may create a general Mobile Device Login Message which will display on the device when you first log onto to the App and which you must acknowledge before selecting a Route and choosing a Site: 

To view property specific Property Notes and Post Orders you must be logged onto a specific Property.  Once logged onto a specific Property you can select the Property Notes icon:

This will display the Property Notes, the Post Orders and or any BOLOs that have been added by the System Admin or Supervisor:

Create Passdown Notes

To add a Passdown Note(s) to a property click on the Add Passdown Note icon.  This will open the Add Note box,

You can select  the Voice Input to add a talk-to-text Note or you can tap in the note area to access the QWERTY keypad and manually type in a Note

Once the Passdown Note has been added click the Save Note icon.

The next time an officer logs onto the Property they will receive a Property Note Alert (or Alerts) of the Passdown Note that was previously created and must acknowledged it by clicking OK:

NOTE:  This feature is intended to notify oncoming officers of issues that will need immediate attention and therefore are set to expire in 24 hours:


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