Closing all issues and logging out of Silvertrac on an Android device

How to Close an Open Issue

Most Issues created during a shift are set to Auto Close, which means once you press Submit there is nothing further to do.

However, some Issue Types are left open so that additional Notes (Messages) Photos or Audio files can be added later during the shift.  These will appear in the mid display of the property home screen.

To Close an Open Issue tap on the Issue and then select Close Issue:

Verify Pending Uploads Queue at Zero

Before leaving a property you must make sure there are no Uploads pending in the queue.  The Uploads Pending Queue is located at the bottom of the property home screen:

Issues, Messages, Photos and Audio files need to all be at zero before you select the Leave Site icon.

You must have an internet connection to log onto the Silvertrac App.  Once logged on however, you can report even if you lose connection or go through dead zones or areas of low WiFi or Data signal.  Issues created during times of poor or no internet connectivity will go into the Uploads Queue until good connection is re-established. You can watch the counter count down to zero to show that the Issues, Messages, Photos and/or Audio files have successfully uploaded to the issue monitor.


If you are in an area of good connectivity and any pending Issues, Messages, Photos or Audio files in the queue do not automatically start to upload you should create a new Security Issue and start to populate the drop-down options but then hit Cancel instead of Submit.  This will kick-start the upload process.

How to Log Off of the Silvertrac App

Log Off of the the Silvertrac App by pressing the Leave Site Icon:

Confirm you want to leave the site:

Finally when on the Home page swipe to the right and select the Logout icon. 


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