How to Setup Basic Parking

In this article we will go over how to turn Basic Parking "On" for a property, how to add Parking Issue Types, how to add Parking Zones and the Address/Unit and Locations options.

How to Turn on the Basic Parking Program

To turn on the Basic Parking program go to: (1) Properties >> Property Maintenance >> Select a (2) Property >> Click the (3) Parking Program Box >> (4) Save Property Details. 

How to Add Parking Issue Types

You will need to add Parking Issue Types the same way you add Security and Maintenance Issue types.

To review how to add an Issue please see the article links:
What is an Issue Type?
How to Add an Issue Type

How to Add a Parking Zone

To add a Parking Zone open the Property under the Property Maintenance section and click Parking Setup.  You will see an Alert Message that says "No Parking Rules were found. Please add Parking Rules to Continue." 

Click "OK" then >> Add Parking Zone

Depending on the property, there may be only one Parking Zone or multiple Parking Zones

Examples of a Parking Zones Name are: General Parking, Resident Parking, Visitor Parking, Open Parking, Reserved Parking, Garage Parking, Covered Parking, Future Prospective Parking, etc,...


Based on a GPS satellite image map of the property many choose to create geographical zones such as North (Directional) Parking Lot, Parking Level 1 (Numeric),

Add a description of the parking zone in the Parking Zone Description field and then click the blue Add Zone button at the bottom center of the pop up window.

Click the Ok in the Zone Added Successfully! pop up window:

Edit the parking zone and click the blue Add button in the Parking Zone Detail pop up window:

Add parking spaces either using the left hand auto fill parameters (1), or the manual option (2).

Use the Parking Space Type drop down menu (3) to add a parking space type.

Click the blue Add Parking Spaces (4) button at the bottom center of the pop up window.

Click Confirm in the pop up window to add the parking spaces:

An Alert Message will let you know that the Parking Spaces were Added Successfully:

Adding Additional Addresses/Units

Silvertrac allows you to track Address, Unit, and Resident history for Parking violations. To utilize this feature you'll need to setup Addresses and Units in the system. 

Click here to learn how to add addresses and units.

Adding Additional Locations

Locations provide an additional detail in your reports as to where an issue occurred on a specific Property at a particular Address.

Location examples are: West Parking Lot, East Parking Lot, Front Entrance, Fire Lane, Handicap Parking, Dumpster Area, Loading Dock, etc. 

How to Add Additional Locations

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