To add a new address to an existing property go to Edit Property and select the property. 

1) Once the property has been selected, expand the Address/Units menu. (As pictured below)

2)  Click Add Address.

From here you have two options, adding a single address or adding multiple addresses.

 Adding a Single Address

To add a single address simply fill out the required fields and click Add Address. 

Adding Multiple Addresses

To add multiple addresses make sure the check box in the top right corner labeled Add Range is selected (as pictured below). 

 This section will allow you to generate multiple addresses for a specific party. 

  1. Fill out out the required fields on the left side of the screen.
  2. Use the next 2 boxes to generate addresses based on pattern parameters. Adjusting these fields will allow you to generate a list of addresses that escalate according to a specific pattern. 
  3. The box labeled Manual Range allows you to enter multiple address numbers manually. Be sure to separate the numbers by a comma ONLY.

Once the address are added they will appear in a list on the next screen. 

Adding Units or Suites

To add units or suites to an existing address, open the address window and select an address to assign the units/suites to

At this point you can either use the unit list generator or manually enter the units and suite in the box below. 

NOTE: When adding units/suites manually, be sure to separate the units only by a comma. 

When you have finished entering the units, click Add Units. 

Be sure to double check the units once they have been created to make sure they are formatted correctly.

Once the units have been added to an address you can view them in the box on the right hand side of the screen (pictured above). 

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