Understanding alerts and error messages on Android devices

In this article we will go over the different Alerts and Error Messages most commonly received on the Silvertrac App and how to proceed to resolve the issue. 

Alerts and error messages will pop up in a black box with an acknowledgment button like this:

Make sure you read the Alert or Error Message in its entirety before acknowledging a by tapping the OK button.

Alert Downloading the App - Alert or Error


“Alert you have logged in successfully, however this device is not approved.
Please have your administrator approve the device from the website.”

Solution  - Your administrator must approve the device from the website. Contact your administrator.

Alert Logging onto the App - Alert or Error

"You logged in successfully, however this device is not approved or may be on your inactive list. This device may have been previously registered to phone number xxx-
xxx-xxxx please have your administrator approve/activate the device from the website"

Solution - Contact your System Administrator.  They will need to approve the device or they will need to check the inactive list on the Device Maintenance screen and approve the device from there.

"Unable to log you on. You have  successfully contacted the server, but were denied permission. Please make sure you are using the correct Username and Password and that your account is active!"

Solution - Verify that you are using the correct Username and Password. Contact your supervisor if you need to verify or reset your login credentials.

GPS Related Alert

"Device will not function when GPS is turned off."

Solution -  Most all system administrators mandate that all activity be GPS date and time stamped. If so, you will need to go to the device settings and turn GPS on. 


NOTE: If you have a device that has multiple location options (battery save mode, GPS only) be sure to select "High Accuracy" to work on the Silvertrac App.

Tasks/Dispatch Related Alert

"You cannot respond until you arrive at the correct property."

Solution - At the bottom right hand corner of the screen, select Choose Site.  The "Arrive at Property" list will display in Alphabetical order.  Select the property you have been assigned and respond to task accordingly.

Arrival Related Alert


"Must Arrive at Property." (Trying to scan an NFC tag with an Android )

Solution - (1) Make sure that Android Beam is enabled on your device.  (2) Go to Settings and make sure that the Near Field Communications (NFC) is turned ON.


Photo Related Error


Error: Camera Keeps Trying to Focus and won’t take a picture.

Solution - You will need to contact your system Admin,  They will need to turn off the “Use Autofocus” in the web Portal under “Device Maintenance”.



QR Code Scanning Alert Error


"QR Code Not Found"

Solution - Make sure that you are at the correct property in the handheld device. If you are reporting from the wrong property, the system will not recognize the QR code.



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