How to Set-Up and View the GPS Live User Map Feature

In this Article we will go over how to properly set up the Live User Map and how to view specific Property and User details with the Live User Map in the Issue Monitor.

NOTE: This is a System Admin function only.  Supervisors and Dispatchers DO NOT have access to this feature. 

How to Set-Up the Live User Map 

STEP 1: Initial Property Set-Up

To set up the Live User Map feature the property must first have it's GPS Latitude and Longitude set. 

To enable this, hover over the Properties Tab >> click Property Maintenance >> select the desired Property >> click on Addresses/Units >> select an Address  >> Select GPS Lookup

This will auto populate the latitude and longitude coordinates of the Property Address.

NOTE: You must select the GPS Lookup for each Property listed if you have multiple Addresses for a Property.  

Add an Address from the drop-down in the Primary Address field and Save Property Details.

If you do not you will get a popup error:

STEP 2: Create a Geo Fence

Please review the Resource Center article: How to Great a Geo Fence.

How to Use The "Live User Map" Options

On the Issue Monitor Home Page click on the User Map Icon at the bottom left hand corner:

You will have several options to select from in the Live User Map:

Option 1 Map - This is typically the default setting and will display the screen as a GPS Map.  (If you hover over the Map option, you may have the option to select Terrain which may allow to you see a 3D overlay of the property terrain.) 

Option 2 Satellite - This allows you to use a Satellite image of the property instead of the Map view if preferred. 

Option 3  - Toggle Fill Screen View.  You will need to click the esc key ("Escape") to return to your normal view if you select this option.

Option 4 - Zoom In on the map

Option 5 - Zoom Out on the map

Option 6 - Drag Pegman onto the map to open Street View

Option 7 - Properties - Click to access the drop down menu of Properties

Option 8 - Locate Guard - Click to access Users currently logged onto the App

Option 9 - Property Outlines - Select or un-select Property Outlines

Option 10 - Reload Map - Click to Reload Map and Refresh when you want to select new search parameters. 

Option 11 - Choose User - Click to access the drop down menu of Users. 

You can also click on the Red X to un-select a chosen User.

Option 12 - Start Date - Click to access Start Date calendar and time clock option 

Option 13 - End Date - Click to access End Date Calendar and time clock option 

Option 14 - Hide Footprints - Leave blank to view the pinged "Footprints" - check the box to Hide Footprints

Option 15 - Playback speed - Use the green slide option to increase (to the right) or decrease (to the left) playback speed of the GPS Live pings

Option 16 - Play - click play once all desired parameters have been selected 

Option 17 - Restart - click to restart the play back of the selected parameters 

Option 18 - GPS Marker - Each User is marked by a yellow GPS pin

Option 19 - Property location on the map based on Address and Geo Fence

How to Locate a User Currently Logged on the Silvertrac App

To locate the last pinged location of a User currently logged onto the Silvertrac App on a specific Property, Click on the User Map Icon:


The Users logged onto the Silvertrac App will appear as a yellow GPS pin.  You can click on an individual pin to view the User name and their current activity.

Option 2:

Select a Property from the Locate Property drop down menu.  This will automatically drop a ring of green circles on the map to note the main address along with it's Geo Fence:

STEP 2: Select the User from the Locate Guard drop down menu.  This will automatically populate the Choose User field and place a Yellow GPS pin on the map:

You can click on the GPS pin to view their current activity.

How to View a Users Activity Throughout a Shift Using the Live User Map

Click on the Live User Map icon  >> Select a User in the Locate Guard drop-down >> Select a Starting Date and Time range >>  Select an Ending Date and Time range >> Press Play.

A count down timer will show the date and time of the GPS ping.  You can Pause and adjust the play back speed by sliding the green marker to the left (Slower) or right (Faster) and restart.

To view the Action, Time and Speed of the device using the Silvertrac app, hover over an individual ping marker:

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