Why does the GPS Map Show My Field User Off Course?

From time to time, you or your client may notice a field users GPS location is off course from where they should be reporting issues from.

To help explain how or why you see this from time to time, here is a video explaining the GPS function with Silvertrac and the challenges related to GPS data recording using Android and Apple devices.

Google's Answer

Here are some additional location strategy notes as reported from Google:

Location estimates coming from each location source are not consistent in their accuracy. A location obtained 10 seconds ago from one source might be more accurate than the newest location from another or same source.

You might expect that the most recent location fix is the most accurate. However, because the accuracy of a location fix varies, the most recent fix is not always the best. You should include logic for choosing location fixes based on several criteria. The criteria also varies depending on the use-cases of the application and field testing.

Battery Save Mode vs. High Accuracy

Many new smart phones have an option for you to choose between 2 or more GPS settings.  This is designed to increase battery life when High Accuracy GPS is not needed, for example when driving a long distance with Maps running in the background.  

Since the Silvertrac App only accesses the GPS feature when submitting an issue you should always have the High Accuracy option selected for the Silvertrac App.

Additional Resource

Also, here's a quick link to an Article in the Resource Center at help.silvertracsoftware.com for possibly boosting an Android device's GPS signal.


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