Searching for Issues in the GPS Map

The built in GPS feature is used to verify an officer’s location when they created and or submitted a specific issue or incident.

To access the GPS map hover over the Issues tab and click GPS map.

A general map will appear with options to narrow your search on the right side of the screen. These options include searching by property, user and dates. Once your selections have been made click the green go button on the bottom of the page to view the map.

The map that is shown will contain the various categorized and colored balloons of the incidents and issues created and or submitted based on the selected criteria.

S = Security, M = Maintenance and P = Parking 

Green = Issue Level 3, Yellow = Issue Level 2, Red = Issue Level 1

The system allows you to click on an individual balloon to view a quick synopsis of the issue or incident and any pictures that were submitted with it. Additionally, the top left corner of every issue contains the issue ID number, which you can use to search for the issue in the issue monitor.

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