How The Task Feature Works

The task feature is designed to send a task and/or reminder to a specific property at a designated time, not to be confused with sending a task and/or reminder to a specific user.

Often users will set tasks at a specific time and location thinking the task will go out to a specific user at the specific time.

Set Tasks do not assign to specific users or specific handhelds/tablets. Set tasks can only be set to go out at the set time and property. For a task to be received on time as scheduled, a field user must be logged into a device at the property before the Task is sent by the system.

If any user logs in at the property were the task was set after the set Task time, that user will receive the task within minutes of logging in.

EXAMPLE SCENARIO: The Administrator sets a Task called “Pool Lock Up 10PM” at Property “X”. At 10PM the system will generate the task at 10PM and the issue “Pool Lock UP 10PM” will appear in the issue monitor.

If no field  user is logged in at Property “X” at the set task time, the task will show in the issue monitor as Unassigned until a field/handheld user logs in at Property “X”. Once a user logs in at “Property X” they will be assigned to the pending task.

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