How to Add Locations to a Property

In this article we will go over how to add Locations to a Property, answer the FAQ What are Locations?  And list some sample common Locations.

NOTE: Locations are one of the minimum mandatory features that must be added to every property.  

How to Add Locations

To add a Location(s) go to Properties Property Maintenance Select a Property Locations Add New Location

Fill out the Location Detail:

  1. Location Name

  2.  Location Description (Optional)

  3. Add Location To (the default is to This Property ONLY)

FAQ:  What are Locations?

In Silvertrac, the Location is NOT the physical address of the property.  Locations are common areas on a property "where" issues and incidents can occur and be reported by your officers.  

If you were to call an officer on a specific property and ask "where" they are beyond the physical address, they would likely give you a specific location such as, the lobby, the loading dock, the guard shack, etc,.   

Locations help the officer include more detail than just the primary address of the property in a report quickly and easily. 

For example: reporting a "light out" at 123 Main St. vs. 123 Main St. Electrical Room.

Sample Common Locations

When used in conjunction with a Property Name, and Address, (and optional units or suites), the Locations feature can pinpoint exactly where an issue or incident occurred 

  • Parking Lot

  • Entrance

  • Sidewalk 

  • Loading Dock 

  • Dumpster Area 

  • Restrooms 

  • Courtyard

  • Employee Parking 

  • Electrical Room 

  • Storage Area 

  • Stairwell 

  • Elevator 

  • Median 

  • Perimeter

  • Inside Perimeter 

  • Foliage 

  • Tenant Space 

  • Common Grounds 

  • Pool Spa  

  • Barbecue Area 

  • Fitness Center 

  • Laundry Room 

  • Clubhouse 

  • Residence 

  • Leasing Office 

  • Parking Garage

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