How to Download and Print QR Codes In Silvertrac

In this article we will go over how to download and print QR Codes in your portal.

We well also answer the question: Is it possible to print QR Codes out smaller than the standard 2 X 2 inch size?

When creating Checkpoints in Silvertrac the system generates QR Codes and allows you to download them directly as a PDF file.

How to Print the System Generated QR Codes

To print QR Codes:

  1. Hover over the Reporting tab and select All Reports.

  2. Open the Checkpoints Menu and select Checkpoints Report.

  3. Select the Property from the next drop down menu.

  4. Make sure that PDF is selected and then click Run Report

All the QR Codes created for that Property will now be displayed in a printable template with a unique value along with a the Property Name, Unit and Location.

Is it Possible to Re-Size the QR Codes?

The Silvertrac team sometimes gets requests on how to print out the QR Codes smaller. This is not a function within the web portal.

NOTE: manually changing the size of the QR Codes can affect the ability for a QR Code/Barcode reader to affectively or correctly read the QR Code.

You cannot change the size of the QR Codes generated in the Silvertrac Web portal. QR codes are created in the Silvertrac web portal as a standard 2 inches by 2 inches.

Standard Sample of Printable QR Codes in the Silvertrac Web Portal:

However, there may exist the ability to print and use smaller QR Codes.

In some cases you might have the ability to resize the QR Codes will be dependent on the printer capabilities of the printer that you are using.

For Example: When clicking the Print option:

This printer gives the option of More Settings:

And the ability to Scale the size of the actual printable area, and relating to the QR Code size:

Following these steps above would print the QR Codes smaller on the standard paper.

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