Setting up checkpoints using barcodes

Setting up checkpoints using barcodes in the Silvertrac issue monitor is similar to setting up QR codes and NFC Tags.

The only difference is the inputting of the QR / NFC Code Value.

Barcodes are purchased, typically in blocks of 100, by a third-party provider and come with a pre-existing number value that is input in the issue monitor under the QR/NFC Code Value. 

Sample Barcode:

In this example, when setting up the Checkpoint, the QR/NFC Code Value would be entered as 123456.


Barcode Benefits:

Barcodes can be used in a variety of applications, including weather resistance.

Barcodes can be customized to include logos and company branding.  

Barcodes are smaller than QR Codes.

Barcodes are inexpensive.

To review How to Add a Checkpoint, click the quick link below:

How to Add a Checkpoint



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