Why Don't Some Email Notifications Have a Link to View the Issue?

On occasion you or your client will receive their routine set email notification (example below), but this time it may not allow you or your client to click on the link that normally opens and allows for viewing photos and notes.

Why does this happen and what can you do to assist in this situation?

How the Silvertrac's Notification System Works:

When an issue is submitted the notification system is set to a delay of 60 seconds to allow for the issue to upload and reach the Silvertrac servers before sending the email notification to the user.

On rare occasions the issue, usually involving a photo(s), may take longer than 60 seconds to upload before reaching the Silvertrac servers. If this occurs, the email notification will send to the user with no link attached to open and view pictures or notes. This is because the email notification was received before the handheld device or Silvertrac system had time to complete the entire upload.

This is considered a rare situation compared to the amount of issues and notifications which Silvertrac processes daily. The best resolution to this situation is to provide your client user with access to Silvertrac.

Providing the user their own access outside of just having them receive notifications will assist them in accessing the issue should this occur. Providing access also encourages participation and more involvement into the services you are providing them on a daily basis.

If you have further questions regarding this information, or if you are experiencing multiple issues with the notifications, there could be a larger underlying issue and we like like to know about it.

Please contact our support team at support@silvertracsoftware.com as soon a possible to report frequent notification issues.

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