The Auto Notifications don't have Notes, Audio Recordings or Photos attached

In this article we will go over what an Auto Notification is, and why an Auto Notification may be received without any Photos, Messages and Audio Recordings that were added by the officer.

What is the Auto Notification Feature?

The Auto Notification feature is an optional set up and a way to send a system generated email notification to specific Users for specific Issue Types submitted by field Users.  It  is a great way to make sure Urgent or High Level Issues and priority incidents are not overlooked; especially issues that need immediate resolution and can't wait until the DAR is delivered the following day.

Troubleshooting: Why Photos, Messages and Audio Recordings may not be attached to a Notification

Issue Types created with the Silvertrac App rely on an Internet connection to upload to the servers.  With a good connection this typically takes between 1 and less than 20 seconds with Auto Notifications set to be sent out IMMEDIATELY upon receipt to the Issue Monitor.

Unfortunately, Silvertrac has no control over device WiFi and Data connectivity and in circumstances of service interruption, dead zones, or weak signal can cause a temporary delay for any attached Notes, Photos or Audio Recordings being delivered to the server with the Auto Notification as these are larger files to upload than the Issue itself. 

Such circumstances are out of the control of Silvertrac and therefore a disclaimer appears a the bottom of each email notification. 

Disclaimer in BOLD RED at the bottom of all Email Notifications:

Unfortunately, even with today's technology, dead zones, outages and connectivity issues do occur.  Even without a good Internet connection and once logged onto the Silvertrac App, field Users can continue to create Issues even without an Internet connection and these will hold in a queue until connectivity is re-established.  

When the connection is reestablished, the notes and photos will then upload to the Silvertrac server and accompany the assigned issue ID. 

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