How to Add a Checkpoints Tour

TIP: For easier and faster set you should already have Checkpoints created for the Property. How to Add a Checkpoint

To access the Checkpoints Tour feature hover over the Properties tab >> Property Maintenance >> select Property >> Checkpoints Tour

Step 1.  Tour Name.  Name the Checkpoint Tour something that quickly identifies the general scope to be accomplished.  Examples; Lock up Tour, Midnight Perimeter Patrol, Pre-Dawn Door Check, etc

Step 2. Tour Description. (Optional)  You have the option to add a quick internal description of the Checkpoints Tour being created.

Step 3. Tour Start Time.  Select the time of day you wish for this Checkpoints Tour to begin.

Step 4.  Tour End Time.  Select the time of day you wish for this Checkpoints Tour to End.

Step 5. Tour Day(s) of the Week.  Select the day, or days of the week in the case of reoccurring a Checkpoints Tour, you wish this Checkpoint Tour at this specific time frame to be completed.

Step 6.  Is Active Tour.  When adding a new Checkpoints Tour the box will default to Is Active Tour.  You can check and un-check the Is Active Tour to turn a Checkpoint Tour on and off.

Step 7.  Add Checkpoints For Tour.  Select the Checkpoints that you wish to add to this Checkpoints Tour.  These will populate in the Current Checkpoints in Tour box. 

Column 1.  You delete Checkpoints added to the Tour in error by clicking the Blue X

Column 2.  When you add a Checkpoint this box will default to "0" and the Checkpoints can be hit at any time during the Tour Start and End Time.   Or you can specify the Order you want the Checkpoints to be hit during the Tour by adding sequential numbers in the order boxes. 

Column 3.  You can also specify that the Checkpoints are hit within the Tour Start and End Times but also not before a specific time.  The the example above the Not Before times are spaced out so that the officer does not rush and complete the entire tour in the first 5 minutes.

Column 4.  Verify that the Checkpoint times in Column 3 fall within the Tour Start Time and the Tour End Time

Step 8. Create New Checkpoint.  Selecting this option will allow you to hyperlink to the Checkpoints feature and you can add additional Checkpoints as needed.

How to Add a Checkpoint

Step 9.  Save Tour.  Click the blue Save Tour button to finish adding or editing a Checkpoints Tour.

NOTE: You can add multiple Checkpoints Tours and vary the Checkpoints within each Checkpoint Tours.

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