How To Add Your First Property

In this article we will outline the the Minimum and Optional steps to add your first Property, how to select the desired Property Details, and how to start Reporting Issues and Running Reports. 

Each Step will link you to a corresponding Resource Center article with applicable Videos, How-to's, Best Practices and Tips.

TIP: Since all reported issues are added to the issue monitor in real time create Your Company as a Management Company and the first Property.  This will allow you to create sample and test issues for training and internal use as opposed to tying them to an actual client's property and reports.  

Minimum Mandatory Steps to Add a Property

To make a property "Live" for access on a reporting device there are 6 steps that MUST be completed:

Step 1.  Add a Management Company
Step 2. Add New Property
Step 3. Add an Address
Step 4. Add Issue Types
Step 5. Add a Location
Step 6. Add Post Orders and Set Property Details

Optional Steps

These options can be accessed during the initial Property set up, or can be added anytime in the future by Editing the Property.

Step 1. Add Alerts
Step 2. Attach Documents
Step 3. Add Checkpoints
Step 4. Add a Checkpoints Tour
Step 5. Parking Set up
Step 6. Add Phone Numbers
Step 7. Add Tasks

Reporting Issues

Step 1. Add a New User
Step 2. Activate a Device (an Android or Apple Device)
Step 3. Create/Submit Sample Issues 

Running Reports

Step 1. Check out the Issue Monitor
Step 2. Run a Few Reports

If you have any questions you can contact your Customer Success Manger directly or Tech Support at 888-505-8722 ext 4.

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