Ways to Track an Officer Coming On Site / Off Site

Having proof of an officer's comings and goings has been an increasing demand of clients throughout the industry. Silvertrac offers a few different ways for you to track an Officer as they arrive and depart a specific property - regardless if they are a Patrol Officer or Standing Guard. 

Let's take a look at a few different options.

Option 1 - Using Issue Types

By creating the Issue Types: Officer Arrived and Officer Departed - an officer can log onto the Silvertrac app and create the issue type Officer Arrived at the start of their shift. The officer would continue with normal post duties and submit Officer Departed at the end of their shift.

The benefits of the Issue Type method are: 

  • Entries submitted as issues will be GPS date and time stamped and available for review in the issue monitor in real time. 

  • The officer can submit photos (for things like being in full uniform, or showing their guard card) with the entries.

  • Officer Arrived and Officer Departed entries are shown on the Daily Activity and Summary reports. 

To review how to add a new issue type, click here.

Option 2 - QR Code / NFC Chip

By creating a checkpoint tied to the issue types, Officer Arrived and Officer Departed an officer can begin and end a checkpoint tour with GPS date and time stamped hits. Utilizing this feature this way makes the Checkpoint Timeline Report a quick way to ascertain an officer's time on location.

To review how to add a checkpoint, click here.

Option 3 - The Time Clock Feature (Android devices only)

Silvertrac is currently Beta testing a Time Clock Feature.  If you would like to be included as a Beta Tester of the new feature please contact your Customer Success Manager or

Tech Support at Tech Support: 1-888-505-8722 Ext. 4 Email: support@silvertracsoftware.com

To learn more about the Time Clock Feature please check out the link:


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