How to Add to, Change, and Edit a Security Issue that was Already Submitted

In this article we will go over how to add a Note(s), Photo(s) or Video(s) to an Issue on the Issue Monitor, how to change a submitted Issue Type, and how to Edit an existing Note.

NOTE: This is a feature only for use by a System Admin, Supervisor and Dispatcher. This feature must first be requested by a System Administrator and then turned on by your Customer Success Manager or Tech Support

Multiple verification's have been put into place on the Silvertrac App to help limit mistaken Issue Types from being submitted by an officer in the field.

Verification Example:

Despite multiple verification's in place, however, mistaken Issue Types are occasionally submitted by officers in the field.

Additionally, Real Time Reporting, by definition, is available for immediate review by Issue Monitor Users and cannot be changed or edited in Real Time.

Silvertrac has, however, made certain editing options available to make the reported Security Issues as accurate as possible in the case of accidental Officer errors.

How to Add a Note(s), Photo(s) or Video(s) to an Issue on the Issue Monitor

A System Admin, Supervisor or Dispatcher can add a Note(s), Photo(s) or Video(s) to an Issue on the Issue Monitor by clicking on the Issue ID#

On the Incident pop up page, click the Add Note or Attachment option and then add a Note or attachment by clicking Choose File:

NOTE: Photo files must be .jpg or .jpeg files - .png files will not work and display in reports blank.

How to Change a Submitted Issue Type

If turned on, a System Admin, Supervisor or Dispatcher has the option to change an Issue Type by clicking on the green Issue Type (Security) at the top left of the pop up box.  

A drop down menu of other Issue Types assigned to that specific Property will appear and can be changed by clicking on the appropriate Issue in the Choose Issue Type pop up box.

An Alert Message will let you know that the issue has been successfully saved:

NOTE: Parking and Maintenance Issues cannot be edited this way.  This is for Security Issue Types ONLY. 

How to Edit an Existing Note

NOTE: This should be considered only in very rare cases, as the perceived implication by most clientele is the potential to falsify documents.  Therefore, this feature is only turned on at the request of the System Admin.

If this feature has been activated by a System Admin: To edit a field note simply click on the Issue ID and then click on the Note.  

The pop up box which contains the note as entered by the officer can then be edited.  Once edited the note will now contain a (Revised) notation:

A Very Rare and Last Resort:

In some very, VERY RARE cases adding a Note, changing an Issue Type or editing a Note isn't enough.  In even MORE VERY RARE cases, an officer may have even unwittingly raised liability issues with their Notes, Photos or Audio recordings.  

After saving the issue as part of the permanent record, and to meet the required statute of limitations, Silvertrac may be able to review and delete certain issues upon request.

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