An Overview of the Maintenance Portal

In this article we will go over what a Maintenance Issue is and a high level overview of Property and Facility Manger Maintenance programs, how to isolate and view Maintenance Issues on the Issue Monitor, how Maintenance Issues are Assigned and to whom, and how to Report and use Maintenance Issues to support a Client's Maintenance Team.

What is a Maintenance Issue?

Maintenance Issues are typically Issues that an Officer may observe and report on with the Silvertrac App, but that they will not be involved in resolving the Issues.

For example, an officer may note risk and liability Issue Types while on patrol or on a Guard Tour such as: "raised curbs, loose handrails, low hanging limbs, light's out, vandalism", etc., however, the actual resolution of the Issue will be resolved by the client's Maintenance team or by a third party vendor. 

If you have the option turned on in your portal, Maintenance Issues can also be reported by Residents and Tenants

To review the Tenant and Resident Reporting Option click on the link below:

Maintenance Issues are typically classified in two basic categories: Interior and Exterior. 

Interior Maintenance Issues would be inside a resident or tenants living or work space and may include issues such as: water leaks, malfunctioning toilets, washer/dryer/dishwasher problems, sink, shower and sewer line blockage, etc...

Exterior Maintenance Issues would be located in the common grounds or surrounding areas of the property and may include issues such as: water leaks, lights out, overflowing trash, slip/trip/fall hazards, broken windows, doors, gates, low hanging limbs, raised curbs, loose handrails, standing water, etc...

Depending on the nature of the Maintenance Issue they can be categorized by high to low priority level as well.

Click here for some additional sample Maintenance Issue Types:

Property and Facility Manager Maintenance Program Overview

Most Properties utilize a Property or Facility Manager.  A major function of the Property or Facility Manager is to mitigate risk and liability through both reactive and proactive Maintenance programs.  In many cases there is a Maintenance Supervisor that oversees this.  There may also be a Maintenance support team of Maintenance Workers, depending on the size of the Property.

NOTE: It is extremely important that when setting up Maintenance Issues in Silvertrac that you work directly with the Property or Facility Manager on how they want Maintenance Issues to be Reported, Assigned and resolved.

Almost all Maintenance programs include Property walks and regularly scheduled checks and inspections. Maintenance Issues in the Silvertrac App allow you to support the Property's Maintenance program, not replace it. 

Some Sample Inspections: Illumination and electricity, smoke detectors and extinguishers, access, structure and materials, etc,. 

When Issues that need attention are discovered proactively, a Repair Order or Work Order is typically issued by the Property or Facility Manger to the Maintenance Supervisor or third party vendor. 

If you set up a Property so as to be able to allow tenants and residents to Report Security, Parking and Maintenance Issues through your portal the Repair Order will also legally need to contain language about entering a residence if the resident is not there.  

How to Isolate and View Only Maintenance Issues on the Issue Monitor

When creating Issues Types on a Property there are three specific Modules on the Issue Monitor that can be selected in conjunction with the Include Closed option so that the Issues created on a Property can be viewed all together sequentially or separately as a Security, Parking or Maintenance Issue.

By un-selecting Security and Parking and selecting just the Maintenance Module (with either Include Closed selected or un-selected to view just open Maintenance Issues) a User can see just the Maintenance Issues reported on a Property

This snap shot quickly helps identify problematic areas of concern, reoccurring Issues, or to identify proactive approaches to reduce risk and liability. 

How Maintenance Issues are Assigned and to Whom in Silvertrac

Maintenance Issues can sent to a Maintenance Supervisor or Maintenance Worker through the portal using using the New Action feature:

When creating a User Role the option exists to designate a User as a Maintenance Supervisor or a Maintenance Worker and to specify that they only view Maintenance Issues:

Alerts and Automated Reports can be set up and sent directly to individual Maintenance Supervisors.

NOTE: Maintenance Issues should be dispatched to a Maintenance Supervisors or Maintenance Workers ONLY. 

When Dispatching a Maintenance Issue it should not be sent to an Officer as the Dispatch function requires a User to Acknowledge, Arrive and Close the Issue once resolved.

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