The Silvertrac Home Screen on an iOS device

In this article we will cover Chapter 15 of the Officer Training Manual and look at the features and options that can be accessed from the home page of the Silvertrac App IOS version.

To get to the Home Screen you must first be logged onto the Silvertrac App and have selected a Site / Property to report from.

The Home Screen of the Property you have logged onto will give you several options, and more options as you swipe to the right of the bottom of the screen:


Option 1: Time Clock.  If you did not clock in on the Choose Site screen you can Clock In and Clock Out on a specific property.  This can be used for a Standing Post or if you are instructed to Clock In and Out of each property during a Patrol Route.

Option 2: The Property or Site that you are logged onto.

Option 3: The Mid-display sill show any open Issues and Tasks to be completed.  If this property has a Checkpoints Tour created on it that begins at the start of duty it will appear here.

Option 4: The Item Uploads display feature will display any Issues, Messages (notes)  Photos or Audio files that are still pending in the queue and have not been uploaded to the Issue Monitor yet.  

The Uploads section should always be at zero at the end of each shift.  If it is not  you will need to get to an area of good connectivity and the numbers should automatically countdown to zero.

Option 5:  Scan Checkpoint.  Pressing the Scan Checkpoint Icon will open a bos that allows you to select the devices camera to scan Barcodes and QR Codes or to scan TFC Tags.

Option 6: New Issue.  Selecting the New Issue Icon will open a option box to select reporting a Security, Parking, or a Maintenance Issue.  

Option 7: Property Notes.  Pressing the Property Notes Icon will display the Post Orders/Property Notes that have been added to this specific Property. 

Option 8: Make Call. Pressing the Make Call Icon will open the phone number descriptions in alphabetical order that have been to this specific property with a (P) prefix.  If phone numbers have been added to the Global Phone Numbers list in the Issue Monitor they will appear in alphabetical order following the property phone number description list.

Option 9: Start Tour.  Pressing the Start Tour Icon will open any Checkpoints Tours that have been added to this property.  If multiple Checkpoints Tours have been added select the Checkpoints Tour you have been assigned to conduct to begin.

Option 10: Message Board.  This is a "chat" feature that allows a company Dispatcher to send out individual or company wide messages.  If your company is using the Message Board feature you will be able to read and respond to the messages. 

Option 11: Toggle.  This allows you to turn the devices flashlight on or off.

Option 12: GPS Map.  Pressing the GPS Map Icon will enable you to select another property to get turn by turn directions to.  This is typically for Patrol Routes.  

Option 13: Plate Scan.  If your company is utilizing the Parking Module you can press the Scan Plate Icon to scan a vehicle license plate and open a reporting screen with several specific reporting options.  We go into greater detail in a Parking article in the Resource Center.

Option 14: Leave Site.  Pressing the Leave Site Icon allows you to log off a specific Property without logging off of the Silvertrac App.  This is typically for Patrol Routes.  

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