Doing guard tours with an iOS device

In this article, we will go over the Guard Tours feature. We will review how to: Start a Guard Tour, Scan a Checkpoint, and Close a Guard Tour.

To Start a Guard Tour, you must be logged onto a specific property with a Guard Tour that the System Admin or Supervisor has set up.

How to Start a Guard Tour

Click the Guard Tour icon:

Select from the Choose A Tour to Start menu by tapping the correct Guard Tour:

Tap on the Tour: (Name) selected:

This will open the Main Tour view, layout, and options, including the scheduled start and end times, the time remaining to complete the Guard Tour, and the individual Checkpoints in the order they should be completed.

How to Scan a Checkpoint

Select the Checkpoint you wish to "hit."

Depending on how your System Admin or Supervisor set up the Guard Tour, selecting the specific Guard Tour can present you with different reporting options:

If the Checkpoint is a "virtual" Checkpoint that does not require a physical scan, you will see a Warning! confirmation box. Select "Yes." 

If the Checkpoint is a physical Checkpoint that requires a physical scan, select the Scan Checkpoint Icon.

From the pop-up options, select the type of Checkpoint you need to scan:

Selecting the QRCode/Barcode option will launch the device camera:

Place Barcodes or QR Codes in the device camera's frame and move in or out to focus and scan.

Selecting NFC Tags will launch the NFC GIF Icon:

Place the device close to the NFC Tag to scan.

Once a Checkpoint is "hit," it will appear on the list with a strike-through indicating it has been completed:

How to End / Close a Guard Tour

If the End Tour icon is selected before all the Checkpoints are hit, a pop-up box will verify that you want to end the Tour with: "Just Checking - Are you sure you want to end this tour?"

When you hit all the Checkpoints on the Guard Tour, the main page will show all Checkpoints and instructions with a strike-through, and a pop-up box will say, "Looks like all checkpoints have been hit!"  

Select "Ok" to close the Guard Tour. 






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