How to create and submit a parking issue on an iOS device

In this article we will go over how to add a Parking Issue using the Silvertrac App with Basic Parking and then how to use the features of the Advanced Parking module. 

To create a Parking Issue select the New Issue Icon:

In the drop down option box select Parking:

The New Parking Issue Page will appear:

Step 1.  Manually type in the License Plate Number and Confirm Plate Number

Step 2. Manually type in the Permit Number (If Applicable: Advanced Parking feature)

Step 3. Manually type in the Vehicle Model

Step 4. Manually type in the Vehicle VIN # (If Applicable: Advanced Parking feature)

Step 5. Select Vehicle Make from drop down menu

Step 6. Select Vehicle Color from the drop down menu

Step 7. Select Plate State from the drop down menu

Step 8. Select Issue Type from the drop down menu

Step 9. Select Address from the drop down menu

Step 10. Select Location (If applicable) Parking Zone and Parking Space (If applicable) If there is no Choose indicating a drop down menu it means the property was not set up to report these fields.

Step 11. Urgent - Immediate Action Required. To mark an Issue as Urgent press the Urgent - Immediate Action Required box and a check-mark will appear.  

Many companies create Chains of Escalation so that specific people will be notified if an Issue is marked as Urgent.  If you have questions as when you use this feature contact your immediate Supervisor.
Step 12: Rec Audio.  To record an Audio file of an Issue or incident, press the Rec Audio Icon.  A countdown will display the time left in each one minute increment. You can record multiple Audio Recordings. 

Step 13: Take Photo.  To add a Photo, or up to 10 per Issue press the Take Photo Icon.  The devices camera will open and you must take the photo(s) in landscape mode

If the Focusing Camera.. Please hold still message does not go away and allow you to take a photo, please notify your Supervisor immediately.  This means Use Auto Focus is selected in the Issue Monitor and does not work with the device being used.  The System Admin will need to un-select the the Use Auto Focus option in Device Maintenance

When a Photo is taken in you have the option to Keep Photo or Delete Photo.

NOTE: Photos taken within the Silvertrac App cannot be added from the device's Gallery or Album and they cannot be saved to it.  Each Photo is date and time stamped.

Step 14 Add Note.  To add a Note to an Issue press the Add Note Icon.  You have the option to use talk to text by pressing the Voice Input or typing in your note using the keypad:

To attach the Note to the Issue press the Save Note Icon.

Step 15: Cancel.  To Cancel an Issue from being reported and submitted press the Cancel Icon.  You will be prompted to verify you want to Cancel the Issue.  If you press Yes you will be taken back to the Property home screen. 

Step 16: Submit.  Once you have selected the Issue you want to report and have added any optional Notes, Photos or Audio files you can press the Submit Icon to report the Issue.

Step 17. Vehicle Search. Search vehicles with prior violations (If Applicable: Typically an Advanced Parking feature)


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