Activating a Device - Not Showing As "Waiting-Approval"

In this article we will go over why a device does not show in the device maintenance section as "Waiting-Approval" when a user logs on, and how to find, and then activate the device.

NOTE: This is a function of System Admins only. The alert troubleshoots TWO separate possibilities:

  1. The device needs to be approved or activated.

  2. The maximum amount of available licenses has been reached. (In this case the device would still show up in the Device Maintenance section as "Waiting-Approval".

Why Isn't a Device that Needs to be Approved/Activated, Displaying in Device Maintenance?

There are a couple of reasons a device that gets the "Device Needs to be Approved" alert does not show up as "Waiting Approval" in the Device Maintenance section.

  1. It is a new device with the same phone number as a device that had previously been approved.

  2. It had already been approved but is currently inactive.

NOTE: A System Admin that uses their User Name and Password credentials to login to a new device automatically activates the device and it will not show as "Waiting Approval".

Where Can a System Admin See Inactive Devices?

Inactive devices can be found in the Device Maintenance section by clicking the "Include Inactive Devices" search option:

Inactive devices, depending on manufacture make and model, can be searched for and will display as, a Phone Number, Device ID# or Friendly Name.

A system Admin can click on an Inactive Device and then click on the blue Activate Device button at the bottom right hand corner.

How Are Devices Identified in Silvertrac?

How a device is identified in the Silvertrac web portal device maintenance section is determined by the device's Make, Model and Manufacture. This is NOT a Silvertrac function.

Some manufactures using the Android OS (operating system) identify a device by a cell number and some identify a device by a device ID number.

NOTE: In the above example the manufacture and make: Samsung, model Dream QLTESQ identifies the device by the Device ID #.

iOS (Apple) identifies ALL of their smart phones by a device number ONLY.

Where Do I Find How a Device is Identified?

When a user opens the Silvertrac app the device Phone Number or Friendly Name will display under the Version # and above the PRIVACY POLICY:

And the Device ID Number will display at the very bottom of the login screen:

Depending on how the Manufacture displays the device in Silvertrac, a System Admin can type in the Phone Number, Friendly Name or Device ID# in the Search For a Device field with the Include Inactive Devices box checked to quickly find the Device.

NOTE: The device ID# is not permanent. If, for example, a device is made inactive for a user, (even an Admin user) the device ID# will display in the Device Maintenance section as the last Device ID# that was approved.

Typing in the current device ID# displayed at the bottom of the Silvertrac App will automatically trigger the Device manufacture to gather and replace the most recent device ID# in the Device Maintenance section.

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