Commonly Used Tasks

Tasks are a great way to remind officers of time sensitive items that should be handled throughout the shift. They are also a great way to remind officers about important elements of their job, like how to treat residents and guests or how to handle certain incidents. Listed below are examples of both. 

Lockup Duties

Task Description: Attention officer: At this time please begin your lockup duties. Check all doors and windows and be sure they are properly secured for the night. 

Maintenance Issues

Task Description: It is important to report malfunctions to building management as soon as possible. When a maintenance issue is found make sure to report it under the maintenance tab in Silvertrac. Be sure to include quality photos and a note describing the issue. Please remember not to report the same incident more than one time. 

Resident/Guest Relations Reminder

Task Description: The duties of the security officer are to communicate, to make tactful requests, to observe and to report. If a resident or guest refuses to cooperate with requests to reduce noise or stop engaging in inappropriate actions, the situation is a task for law enforcement. Contact the police. Have all necessary facts at hand. Be able to provide a clear and accurate report of the situation to peace officers. Then document all the facts in the Incident Report.

Break Reminder

Task Description: Attention officer: Please remember to take your scheduled breaks througout your shift. You can use the break room to eat your meal but please remember to be professional at all times. Although you are not on duty you are still on the properties and you should act accordingly. 

Parking Lot Patrols

Task Description: Security personnel on each shift are responsible for conducting patrols of the parking lots, by foot or mobile patrol. The officer should look for suspicious individuals loitering. Also note any vehicles with lights left on, doors that appear left unlocked, or vehicles that have been abandoned. Officers should also document all maintenance being completed (i.e. parking sweeper arrival time and departure time).

Private Property

Task Description: This is private property. Solicitors, peddlers, and people loitering are not permitted. All security officers, while patrolling the grounds, shall professionally challenge any person or persons in a diplomatic, polite, and courteous manner. If possible obtain the person’s name, in the event they are unwilling to identify themselves as a guest, visitor, or employee, inform them they are trespassing. At that time politely ask them to leave the premises. 

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