App Lock Recommendations

If your company is supplying  smartphones and/or tablets to officers for Silvertrac reporting, one of the biggest concerns is the unwanted use and misuse of company devices.

While Silvertrac does not endorse a specific solution, we wanted to share a few solutions that prevent access to inappropriate content by officers using company devices.

Android (Free)

An easy and Free solutions is to “pin” the Silvertrac App.If the device has Android 5.0 or newer, you can “pin” the Silvertrac app to the phone or tablet’s screen. The Admin or Supervisor can then hand the Android tablet or phone to the officer and they won’t be able to leave the specific app until a PIN is entered.

To use this feature, you’ll need to open the Settings screen, select Security, and activate “Screen pinning” under “Advanced.” Tell Android to ask for your PIN or unlock pattern before unpinning the app. Next, open the app you can to pin, tap the “Overview” button to show the list of open applications as cards, and swipe up. Tap the pin on the bottom-right corner of an app’s card.

To leave a pinned app, hold the “Overview” button. The Admin or Supervisor will be asked for the PIN.

Apple (Free)

To use this feature, An Admin or Supervisor can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.Turn on Guided Access.

Set a passcode or TouchID fingerprint to turn Guided Access on and off.Turn on the Accessibility Shortcut.Open the Silvertrac App for officer use.Triple-tap the Home Button.

Additional Solutions

SureLock restricts user access to only one or a few specific apps and device features. It is an ideal solution to prevent unwanted malicious use of devices.

AppLock is an app that enables you to lock down various apps. Once you install and activate it, the selected apps will require a PIN code to open. This can protect you against officers who might want to change your phone settings.

MobiLock Pro - Kiosk Lockdown app will turn the company-owned mobile/tablet devices into Kiosk mode, which simply means that the device home screen is replaced with a customizable screen that limits user access to select applications enabled by you. It allows administrators to block the use of Android OS settings so that your officers don’t change device settings, install non-essential apps like games or access data consuming websites.

BYOD Solutions

If your company is following a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, in which employees use their own personal devices for business use, then the best solution might be to opt for BYOD containerization technique offered by SureMDM. 

Under this option, SureMDM creates a separate work container on the employee devices that will contain all the work-related applications and will be controlled by company approved settings. 

The company can apply password policy on employee’s devices and have a second level of password option for accessing the container. Using this option, enterprises can ensure only approved applications can run on the device and no unapproved application will be able to access the company network.  

IT can also ensure compliance with company policies by locking or wiping the work container if the user tries to access or install any unapproved application or settings.

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