User Roles: Customer - Management Company

The Management Company user role has the same access to system information / reports as a Single Property Manager.  The only difference, this user role can view ALL properties entered under a specific management company, rather than just a single property.

NOTE: If you encounter a scenario requiring a customer user requesting to access a set amount of properties less than all and more than one, you'll want to create a custom group for this user. 

Issue Monitor:

This user can view created issues, pictures, play audio files, attach notes or documents, email issue, print an issue, and view GPS location of the specific issue (only when authorized by System Administrator under Edit User area).

Edit Property:

This user can attach documents, view addresses, units, parking information and Units by Logged Security, Parking and Maintenance Issues. This user role cannot edit properties.

Accessible System Reports:

· Issue Summary Report

· Daily Activity Reports

· Parking Map ( If added)

· Maintenance Summary Report

· Security Summary Reports

Accessible Excel Export Reports:

· Issue History (Security, Maintenance and Parking)

· Permit Information

· Vehicles with Outstanding Violations

· Vehicle with Violations


This user can change their own password and Edit Notifications.

Closing Issues:

NOTE: Property Manager Users have the ability to Close Maintenance Issue ONLY. Property Manager Users cannot Close Security or Parking related Issues.

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