How to Report Issues from a Desktop or Laptop Computer

In this article we will go over how to Report Issue Types to a Property using a laptop or desktop computer. 

NOTE: The vast majority of Reporting of Issue Types using Silvertrac is done via the Silvertrac App available for Android and IOS smart phones and tablets.  Therefore the User Role of Employee - Guard does not have access to log onto the company's URL.

To Report an Issue Type to a Property using a laptop or desktop computer select the New Action option.

The New Action option can be accessed two ways:

Option 1:  Hover over the Issues tab >> and click New Action

Option 2: Click the blue New Action button at the bottom center of the Issue Monitor home page:

Select a Property >> Address >> Unit (if Applicable) >> the type of Issue you want to Report (Security, Parking or Maintenance):

Once and Issue Type has been selected follow the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Fill out the Issue Details >>use the drop down menus to populate the  Issue Type >> Problem Address >> Problem Unit and Location (If Applicable).

Step 2:  Verify that the Close This Issue box is checked.

NOTE: Un-checking the Close This Issue box will assign the New Issue as a Dispatch New Action.  Please see the Article:

 Step 3:  Click the blue Add Security Issue at the bottom center of the New Issue pop up box.

A pop up Alert Message will confirm that the Issue has been successfully added with an Issue ID Number.

The Issue will now appear in the Property Issue History (Past 8 Hrs) column: 

The Issue will also appear on the Issue Monitor:

To add Notes, Audio Files, Photos or Video to the newly created Issue please review the How to Resource Center article by clicking on the link below:

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