Missing Icons on the Silvertrac App (Android)

In this article we will troubleshoot 2 steps for certain Device Settings to restore missing Reporting Icons on some Android Devices.

It is very rare, however when required to scroll through the Silvertrac App to access additional Reporting options, some devices that are set to larger fonts may not display all the Reporting Icons.

If a user is experiencing Missing Reporting Icons in the Silvertrac App the System Admin should check two things:

Step 1:  Verify in Device Maintenance that the Silvertrac App on the device is set to "Auto Update" and that the most recent version of the Silvertrac App is in use.  If not, have the User log off of the Silvertrac App, and once "Auto Update" has been turned on, log back on for the changes to take effect.

Step 2:  Log off the Silvertrac App and verify that the Font Size is set to "Normal", "Medium" or "Default".  

If it is not, it should be changed from "Large" or "MagniFont" or "Huge".

This settings option can be typically accessed on most devices under Settings >> Display >> Font Size 

As seen below, depending on the device manufacture there may be a sliding scale to select the Font Size and an additional option for a Screen Zoom, which should also be set to the mid setting between small and large:

Once the Font sizing has been adjusted the App User should log back onto the Silvertrac App for the changes to take effect. 

If the device being used has a different Settings, Display and Font Settings than illustrated above, the device owner should consult the device manufacture's owner manual.  

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