Why Are Reports Going to the Client's Spam / Junk Folder?

In this article, we will answer the frequently asked question, "If we change the email address the reports come from, how can we make sure the reports do not end up in the client's spam/junk folder?"


NOTE: This is a setup function by your company's System Admin.


We will also review why emails are sent to a recipient's Spam or Junk folder in the first place.


Why Do Silvertrac Emails End Up in Spam or Junk Folders?

First of all, this is not a Silvertrac issue. Silvertrac servers generate hundreds of thousands of emails and notifications every day. We have taken proactive steps to ensure these emails and notifications do not trigger spam and firewall safety protocols.


Silvertrac uses a third-party email tracking company that certifies and verifies that emails generated from our servers are not Spam or Junk, so when a recipients IT Department or email host delivers it to the recipient's junk or spam folders or quarantines it, that has nothing to do with Silvertrac.


Silvertrac can look up the Injection and Delivery codes for you to pass along to the recipient's IT Department or email host so they can safelist our domain(s) and ensure that the emails go to the recipient In Box.


Our server filters even track when a recipient opens the email.


Here is a typical report. Injection means the email left our server. Delivery means the recipient's email host received and accepted the email. Open means the recipient received and opened/viewed the email. Bounce means the recipient's IT department or email host did not accept the email, instead identifying it as violating one of THEIR firewall safety protocols.

In the above example, the Bounce report includes the resolution that must be taken on the recipient's end:


The recipient's email host - in this case, Gsuite - suppressed the Silvertrac email with code # 554 5.7.1 identified as customer policy, and they would need to safelist the Silvertrac domains on their end.


How to Change the Email and Notification Domain

The company's System Admin can change the email and domain generated in and sent from the company's @silvertracker.net URL.


To change the email domain:

  1. Hover over the System Tab

  2. Click on System Config in the drop-down menu

  3. Click on the secondary Email tab

  4. Edit the desired email

  5. Click the blue Save Config Settings button at the bottom of the window.


I Followed These Steps, and it Still is Not Working - Why?


The ability to change the email address and domain was created for "White Label" customers as a means to brand reports and notifications as their own.


However, because the Silvertrac servers generate hundreds of thousands of emails and notifications daily, we have had to take additional precautions so that these emails and notifications do not trigger spam and firewall safety protocols.


One of these precautions is that a certified third party tracks all emails and notifications. They track each email or notification leaving the Silvertrac servers and delivery or rejection by the recipient's server/email host. This allows Silvertrac support personnel to provide the rejection, bounce, or suppression codes on the recipient end outside the recipient In Box.


The downside of this trackability is that all tracking currently originates with only three domains:






Therefore, even if you change the email you will see the proviso now that lets you know that emails are sent On Behalf of and not from the email you list:

The email recipient will see the Silvertrac domain:

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