How to Resolve the, "Focusing Camera.. Please hold still.." Notification

In this article we will go over how to edit the Device Maintenance settings so that the device's camera does not use the Auto Focus function and answer the FAQ, Why did this happen?  The phone's camera was working fine before. 

NOTE: You must be a System Administrator to access this Device Maintenance function.

To access the Device Maintenance section hover over the System tab >> click Device Maintenance.

Scroll through and select the Device that is having this issue from the list of approved Devices on the left hand side of the Device Maintenance - Active Device page.

Depending on the Manufacture, Make or Model a Device may be listed by the Phone Number or by a Device ID#, and If you have a long list of Devices you can type in the Device phone number or Device ID# in the Search For a Device box at the top left side. 

Click within the box of the Device and the right side of the Device Maintenance - Active Device page will auto populate.  

Un-check the box labeled Use Autofocus and then click on the blue Save Device button at the bottom of the page before exiting.

NOTE:  Using the Autofocus option comes with the proviso: WARNING Some device cameras may not work with this turned on!

NOTE: If a User is logged onto the Silvertrac App on the Device while edits are made, you MUST have them log out and back on for the edits to take affect. 

FAQ: Why did this happen?  My phone was working fine before.

This sometimes occurs when Google Updates their Android OS (operating system) and the Device has installed the new update.  Most likely the firmware has been updated related to the camera function in the device closely related to the Autofocus.
Unfortunately, there are no set standards by camera manufactures by manufacture and device. Therefore, when the Autofocus feature receives an update that may not be compatible to the current version of the Silvertrac App, the only immediate resolution is to turn off the Autofocus feature in your portal.

As Device camera technology gets better and better, turning off the Autofocus function won't create a significant difference in photo quality, if any, including night time quality.

The most significant focusing issues arise when the Device User moves a lot while trying to capture a photo.

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