Q: Where Can I Get NFC Tags?

Silvertrac does not sell NFC Tags, however, we do recommend our users work with GoToTags.com. They have set up a special page just for our customers so that you know which tags work best with our system. 

Which Tags are Right for Me?

NFC tags come in all shapes and sizes but we've selected four options that should cover most of the situations you'll face with using Silvertrac  

  • Wet Inlay: Good to use indoors on glass walls or non-metal surfaces such as on the glass store front inside a shopping center.

  • On-Metal NFC Sticker: Good to use indoors on a metal or electronic surface.

  • GoToTags On-Metal NFC Sticky Token: This product is good to use outdoors on metal or electronic surfaces.

  • Heavy Duty On-Metal NFC Sticky Token: This product is even more durable than the sticky token above. It is made of a fully enclosed ABS shell which will withstand even harsher environments for a longer period of time but it is also more expensive.

How to get a Discount from GoToTags.com

Silvertrac customers are eligible for a 10% discount on purchases of 100 to 999 pcs of a single item.

Discount code: SILVERTRAC68TX5CVJ17PX

Please note that this code will only work at checkout if you have created an account at GoToTags.com and logged in. (It takes less than a minute to create an account so it's worth it.)

Bulk Pricing: If you are interested in mixing an order between any of the products above, you need to contact GoToTags to get bulk pricing. Just call; +1 (844) 632-8247 or email sales@gototags.com and mention that you use Silvertrac Software.

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