How to Turn Security, Maintenance, or Parking On or Off for a Property

In this article we will review what the 3 different Modules are and how to turn them on or off.

What are Security, Maintenance, or Parking Modules?

Issue Types assigned to a Property are created based on the category they most closely fall under; a Security Issue, a Maintenance Issue or a Parking Issue

The review what an Issue Type is and which Module it is set up under, please click on the link below:

These 3 different types of reported Issues can be viewed in the Issue Monitor altogether or individually.  They can also be viewed as open and / or closed:

How to Turn the Security, Maintenance, or Parking Modules On / Off

Hover over Properties tab click Property Maintenance Select a Property:

As seen in the Property Maintenance pop up screenshot above, you'll see the option to:

  1. Lock the Property  - Property Lock Status (Admin Function Only)

  2. A Checkbox for Security Program

  3. A Checkbox for Maintenance Program

  4. A Checkbox for Parking Program

Placing a check-mark in the corresponding box means the Module is turned On and a blank box means the Module is turned Off.  

After making the desired adjustments click Save Property Details.

NOTE: If the Security, Maintenance, or Parking selections are not checked in this section (turned Off) then the reporting Users will not be able to report issues under that specific Module from the handheld device and the icon will not be displayed in the Silvertrac App.

NOTE: Some of the options shown above may vary depending on your subscription to Silvertrac.  (For example, if you do not have Basic or Advanced Parking)

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