Explaining the Auto-Close Feature

Often the “Auto Close” feature is over looked and misunderstood.

When an issue is created from the handheld, access to the issue will remain at the handheld device on the home screen. This behavior is necessary to allow the handheld user to add additional notes, photos or audio to a specific issue they are in the process of creating or if the handheld user is interrupted and needs to return for completion.

Once the handheld users Submits an issue set to “Auto Close” or closes an issue when submitting, it CANNOT be reassigned or accessed from the device again. The handheld user WILL be required to create a new issue entirely if more information is needed for a particular incident.

Submitting an issue that is not set to "Auto Close" will allow the issue to be keep open and allow manual submission later. 

Most users prefer the “Auto Close” feature simply because it helps maintain the “Issues Assigned to Me” counter for the handheld device user and ensures the handheld created issues are uploaded immediately.

In short, it is recommended that all priority LEVEL 3 issue types be set to auto close.

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